Monday, November 2, 2009

FOR TODAY... November 2, 2009

Outside my window... a beautiful fall day with sunny blue skies, mild temperatures and a gorgeous maple tree

I am thinking... how nice it was to wake up to sunlight this morning

I am thankful for... a convicting message at church reminding me that my #1 priority should be teaching my kids to worship our Almighty God. Sometimes it's easy to let our other schoolwork take that #1 spot. Thankful it's never too late to readjust our priorities : )

I am wearing... the typical - jeans and a fall top

I am remembering... how nice it feels to wake up and get my day going early so I have time to sit and blog in the afternoon instead of running like crazy all day, trying to catch up

I am going... to Young Women's Cancer Support Group tonight with yummy desserts in hand. Tomorrow I get to stay home all day - yippee! No ballet tomorrow night and no where else I have to be.

I am reading... hoping to get to some reading I have bookmarked about vitamins and supplements

I am hoping... to have dinner with a couple of friends later in the week

On my mind... changes I need to make in my daily routine

From the learning rooms... Rachel says she is finally to the part of American History she likes - don't laugh - the wars! She said she doesn't much care for all of the exploration stuff and she's finally finished with that and moving on.

Noticing that... I need to update the background of my blog - maybe something "fall" looking

From the kitchen... brownies and a new recipe from Southern Plate, Pumpkin Crumb Cake. The Pumpkin Crumb Cake is really yummy!

Around the house... really wanting to start decluttering before the holidays! Need to get a plan of action going.

One of my favorite things... days at home

From my picture journal...

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