Thursday, May 1, 2008


March began with a ballet performance with the Symphony, a going away party for a ballet teacher who is having twins and beginning preparations for "Cinderella".

Rachel and I had a fun field trip to Kopper Kettle Candies with our homeschool group. They were in the midst of making all the Easter candy. Lot's of fun! However, as much as I love chocolate, I don't think I could stand to smell it all day, every day : )

We took a modified spring break - meaning we didn't take off the entire week but I was flexible so the kids could spend time with their PS friends who were out of school. Rachel had a sleepover at a friends house and then had a friend sleepover at our house that week. Her birthday fell on Easter this year. We celebrated her 14th year with lunch at Golden Corral after Easter Service at church and then had her favorite "Cookie Cake" at home. My baby girl is growing up!