Sunday, July 20, 2008

Counting Down the Days

This is one of those weeks I am counting down days:
4 days until my girlie arrives back home with my *big* sister
6 days until my girlie, *big* sis, and I fly out for a week with *baby* sister!! Oh what fun it will be to be in the company of my great sisters and the *little* nieces. We get to be there to celebrate Emily's 5th birthday with her and to see Brooke (21 mos.) for only the second time. I am so excited!!

Wednesday I am having lunch with a friend that used to go to our church and we worked in kid's church together for several years. I haven't seen her in over two years - wow - time flys way too fast. This is the friend I trusted to take my son to Costa Rica!!

I have some loose ends to tie up this week in preparation for my trip but I have a clean house and a plan to get things done. Just have to stick to the plan : )

It's been a good weekend - productive for me. We attended an Eagle Scout Court of Honor yesterday for a friend. We met some of Robert's contract workers for dinner after that. Tonight we had them over for a home cooked meal. (They are living in a motel for 10 weeks) We grilled shish kabobs, baked sweet potatoes and peach cobbler cooked in dutch ovens over the coals, green salad, and French bread - well, we were SUPPOSED to have bread. Allan and I decided to cook it on the gas grill instead of heating up the kitchen and well, let's just say this - French bread cooks really quickly with the gas grill on medium - lol!!