Saturday, September 6, 2008

Random Ramblings

The last couple of weeks have kept us pretty busy getting adjusted to everyone's new fall schedule. Allan is doing well at college and adjusting well to his new schedule of school in the morning and work in the afternoon. His car is back at the paint shop (having the doors repainted) and will hopefully be done this week and on it's way to the "top" shop to have its new convertible top installed. I will be glad when he has it finished so we don't have to juggle cars when it rains.

Rachel is doing very well with her schoolwork. Last week was the first week for regular classes at ballet. Company girls have been having class since the first week of August but now we start our regular fall schedule with everyone else. It doesn't seem like we should be thinking about Christmas already but, Nutcracker auditions are next Saturday. Rachel doesn't have to audition but she will be helping with the auditions.

We went to Louisiana last weekend for the long holiday weekend. We haven't done that for a long time! It was nice to see our families, even for just a short visit. We saw more of Robert's family than anticipated - they had to evacuate from their homes in south Texas because of hurricane Gustav. Thankfully, they didn't have damage. Mom and my sister both lost electricity at their homes but Mom's was restored the following day. Not sure about Nancy's - She left for a long awaited trip to Canada hoping hers would be turned back on soon! I hope she is having a great trip celebrating her 25th anniversary!! I can't wait till she's back and I get to see her pictures.

We enjoyed having Robert home last week on vacation. Yesterday, the two of us spent a fun day away for an early birthday celebration. It was a beautiful day, sunny and cool, so we drove up Hwy. 71 and stopped by the new Lake Fort Smith State Park. It is very pretty - nice lake, campsites (although we wish they were closer to the lake), visitor center, and pool. Maybe we'll camp there sometime in the future. It would be a great place to take Allan's boat. We left the park and drove to Rogers for lunch at Abuelo's (Mexican) and shopping at Pinnacle Hills Promenade. We stopped at Target on our way home. It will be SO nice when our Target opens next month!!!! We had a great day.