Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Last night was our home school support group Mom's RENEW. Kelli showed us how to get really creative with our holiday food plans! I had seen pictures of some things Kelli had done in the past but she outdid herself last night. I am hoping to try a couple of the ideas with Rachel through the holidays. This might make for some fun home economics lessons! Here are some pictures of what Kelli presented (and these are only the things I took pictures of - there was more).

Turkey Shaped Cheese Ball

Veggie Pizza Wreath

dipped fruit to form a wreath

Turkey Bread Bowl for Dip

Indian Corn Cookies

Cornucopia Veggie Tray

Pilgrim Hats

Veggie Tree

Ham and Cheese Stuffed Tree

These were all so pretty and tasted great. Most of them don't seem that difficult but we'll see how it goes when we try them at home. I'd like to try the turkey cheese ball, cornucopia veggie tray, and veggie pizza wreath. Rachel wants to make the Pilgrim Hats and I am sure she will want to make more things when she sees the hand out Kelli shared with us. LOTS of cute ideas. Visit Kelli's blog here to see more pictures. Thanks Kelli for your inspiration!!


kel said...

I am glad you liked it. I was so nervous. I like to do the fun stuff. Easter is my other really fun to do holiday I make lots of stuff for it too. Glad you liked it.