Sunday, January 25, 2009

"The Packet"

This is a follow up to my post 665 Miles.

We watched the mail every day last week for mail from North Carolina Dance Theatre. Everyday, Rachel would go to the mailbox and come back in and announce, "no packet today". I assured her that we should hear something soon - they told the girls to expect news within 3 weeks and it had only been one week : )

I spent Friday afternoon running errands and grocery shopping. I called to check in with Rachel and when she didn't mention the mail, I knew that once again, the packet had not been delivered. I thought "we're just at 2 weeks out from the audition, there's still time". I was at my last stop before heading home and Rachel calls to let me know her school work is complete except for the writing intensive (and does she have to do that today???). I tell her I'm almost done and will be home shortly. I'm about 10 minutes from home and my phone rings again and as I answer it I notice it's another call from home so I'm thinking, "WHAT NOW??" I answer the phone and Rachel is excited and crying - she had checked her email and had gotten the notice of acceptance she had been so anxiously watching the mailbox for!! Once I got home and we got all of the groceries put away and dinner cooked and cleaned up, we finally printed out "the packet", all 18 pages of it!!

Now, we just have to fill out her registration papers and get them in the mail (along with some $$$ of course) and she will be set to go. That's the easy part. The hard part - having her gone for 4 weeks this summer. I think once this summer is over, I will NOT want to take any trips for a while. We have plans for my sister and I to drive her to NC and we'll visit our other sister who lives there! Robert and I will go back to pick her up at the end of the intensive so we can see her performance. We'll make a mad dash back home for a week and then head out for a Florida vacation. It's gonna be a crazy summer!



Jennifer said...

Congratulations to Rachel!! How exciting.