Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm Still Here

Just in case you read my blog and wonder where I am lately - I haven't forgotten my blog or dropped of the face of the earth. I actually have several things I want to blog about; like my MRI results, my trip to Dallas, the YSC Conference, an upcoming trip to Houston to name a few.

First - the MRI and mammogram were CLEAR!! I am free from scans for another six months. I'd hoped for a year but that didn't happen this time as I'd thought. That's okay - six months is good. I still see my oncologist every four months so I'm still under surveillance on a fairly regular basis. That has it's own pros and cons : )

The rest of the posts will have to wait a bit longer. I am somewhat impaired at the moment and it's not easy to type!! I am undergoing a month of physical therapy for lymphedema. Lymphedema is swelling in my arm that is a result of having lymph nodes removed when I had a lumpectomy and node removal in 2006. Not everyone gets this after lymph node removal but for some reason I have it. Thankfully, it isn't too bad but needs to be taken care of so it doesn't cause other problems that can be very serious. I go to therapy every day and then I am wrapped from shoulder to finger joints in a compression wrap until it's time to go the next day. This is not fun!!! I'll try to post more about it when I am finished with therapy but here's a picture of what my arm looks like wrapped: