Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer Fun - Post #1 - Trip to La. & Amy's Wedding

So, it's been a while since I blogged. I do have a great excuse - I've been having fun staying on the go!!

Rachel and I drove to La. June 10. I dropped her off at Robert's parent's house for her summer visit *alone* with Granny & Grandad. She loves spending time with them in the summer and who wouldn't? She gets to sleep late, swim, drive the golf cart, watch cable tv (yes, we are those weird people who don't have cable at home!!) usually gets pretty spoiled - who wouldn't like it?? After getting Rachel settled in with her grandparents I continued on across town to "set up camp" at Nancy's (my older sister). It's always so nice to stay at Nancy & Jerry's - they live at the end of a country lane so it's always very quiet out there and she has beautiful flower gardens to enjoy and this year they even have a pool to lounge in.

I got to have lunch with two of my childhood friends and one of my junior high/high school friends while I was in town. One of my childhood friends, Kelly, and I were roommates in college as well and have kept in touch through the years. We may not talk to each other for months but she's the kind of friend you could talk to after all that time and it would be like you had talked to her yesterday. Janice is another friend from childhood - we went through school together and then I have seen her periodically over the years. My other friend, Lori and I became friends when she moved to town in 8th grade and we went to the same church and school. We were suitemates our first year of college and kept in touch for some time. The last time I saw Lori was about 12 years ago when I was in Oregon visiting my grandma and Lori drove up from where she lives to visit. Sometime after that visit, we lost contact with each other but thanks to Facebook, I found her again and found out she was going to be visiting her dad in East Texas while I was going to be in La. We made a plan and met for lunch - Lori, Kelly, Janice and I. It was fun to catch up on what we have all been doing for the last ?? years!!!

Rachel and I drove down to visit Mom and Jack on Sunday. Mom cooked a great lunch on the grill for us and we enjoyed visiting with them. Wendy, Emily and Brooke (baby sister and her girls) came in from NC a few days later. We girls had so much fun together!!! Mom and Jack invited us all down for dinner at Fisherman's Galley on Toledo Bend Lake. Had a nice dinner and visit. Grammy & G'pa Jack with Rachel, Brooke & Emily

Okay, so on the the REAL reason we were in Louisiana - my neice Amy was getting married!!! Amy is the oldest cousin on my side of the family and the first to get married so everyone was really excited for her. Rachel was honored to be asked to be one of Amy's bridesmaids. I was there to help my sister with anything she needed me to do : ) We ran errands; folded, hole punched & tied ribbons in the programs; tied ribbons on the little tubes of bubbles (after washing the sticky off of them all!); got sunburned in the pool; got stuck in a carwash; went to the nail salon with Amy; had dinner with Amy & Jeffrey; planned a family cookout for the day after the wedding; and who knows what else we did but it was so much fun to be there and help get things ready for Amy's big day. Nancy is the ultimate list maker and planner - you should see that girl's wedding planning notebook. When one of my kids gets married, guess who I am calling first? You got it - Nancy and her notebook : )
some of our "work"

Dinner w/Amy & Jeffrey
Stuck in a car wash!!!!!!
Amy, Emily & Rachel @ the nail salon

Rob, Sharon & Ryan (bro & sil) at rehearsal dinner
my nephew Charlie @ rehearsal dinner

Allan & cousin Emily @ rehearsal dinner
Emily, Sophie & Amy - flower girls & the "princess"

Amy & Jeffrey's wedding was wonderful. She was a beautiful bride : ) The ceremony was very nice and the reception was lots of fun - just ask the flower girls who danced all night!! I wish Amy and Jeffrey all the happiness in the world as they begin their married life together in their beautiful new home. They have a really neat story - they dated in high school, then went their separate ways, only to find their way back to one another and end up getting married! We enjoyed visiting with family and friends, some of whom we haven't seen in a number of years, at the rehearsal, wedding, and reception.
Rachel & Amy

Father of the Bride!

Jerry, Nancy, Amy & Charlie
Rachel & Grammy
Aunt Dot & Uncle Bruce
Groom's cake - how disgusting - LSU????

Robert and Allan drove down on Friday for the wedding and we all spent a few days with Robert's parents before driving home on Tuesday. It was a great trip and a great beginning to a great summer.