Monday, February 8, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY... February 8, 2010

Outside my window...this is a late Daybook entry so it's dark outside, but I have my back porch light on so I can still watch it snowing!

I am thinking...about how nice it has been to have had a day at home since all activities were canceled tonight due to the snowy weather.

I am thankful for...SNOW! I think I am worse than a kid - I love the snow. I don't like being out in the snow, but I love watching it fall and how fresh it makes everything look. Now, tomorrow, will be a different story...wet, slushy, mud.

I am wearing...sweats, a turtleneck, a long sleeve tee, and warm socks

I am remembering...that I need to type lesson plans for the rest of the week

I am going... to run errands tomorrow afternoon ~ need to buy a birthday present for my sister, do some banking, and return library books while Rachel is at ballet

I am currently reading...Lots of travel books : )

I am hoping... to figure out Quickbooks soon!!!!!!

On my mind... my Mom and my big sis - called them both this evening and had a nice visit. Can't wait to see them in April.

Noticing that...the picture collage frames are still waiting to be hung on the wall. I just have to hurry and choose which pictures to finish filling them with and decide where to hang them. Decisions, decisions, decisions...(and I'm learning
after all these years that I really don't like making decisions!)

Pondering these words...Matthew 6:33 "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." From Pastor Marty's "First" series to start 2010.

From the kitchen...used this slow, snowy day in this busy, busy week to spend some time in the kitchen and put some things in my freezer. Bieroks for dinner tonight and the freezer; beef and bean burritos for dinner tomorrow night and for the freezer.

BIEROKS (a pocket type sandwich)
1 lb. ground chuck
chopped onion (to taste -
maybe 1/4 cup)
chopped green pepper (to taste - maybe 1/4 cup or less)
1 can sauerkraut
1 bag frozen roll dough (I use Rhodes brand and I usually thaw about 20)

Thaw the roll dough according to the directions on the package. Brown the ground chuck with the onions and peppers, then stir in the sauerkraut. Take two balls of roll dough and roll them flat on a lightly floured surface. Spoon several tablespoons of meat filling in the center of one piece of the rolled out dough. Top with another dough circle and press the edges to seal, making a "pocket" type sandwich. Place on a cookie sheet. Continue until you have used all of the meat filling and rolls. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes - until golden brown. These freeze well, wrapped in foil.

Around the house... laundry and ironing tomorrow

One of my favorite things...SNOW!

From my picture journal...another picture from the Jan. 29 snow. I didn't really take any today. It's not near as pretty today because the temperature stayed about 33 or 34 so the snow was melting all day as it was snowing. The pictures of today's snow would never show the amount we actually got because of the ongoing melting.

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Susan Tipton said...

I'll have to try your recipe. Anything with sauerkraut sounds good in cold weather.