Monday, June 23, 2008


This photo is from 2007 Nutcracker
Rachel is having a great time at the OU School of Dance, SummerWind intensive. She is taking classes in ballet, pointe, modern, jazz, pilates, and flamenco. She really loves her modern class and says she can't wait for us to see her performance on Saturday. She's not real crazy about the flamenco. I could have probably told you that to start - it's out of her "box" : ) She told us she is making lots of new friends (translates into she will be wanting lots of computer time when she gets home). The girls (and guys) had a short day Saturday and then were taken to the mall - lots of fun shopping, even got some surprises for one of the girls whose birthday is this week. Sunday was a day of rest and swimming. Today it was back to class. I can't wait to see her end of camp performance on Saturday. I really can't wait to have her back at home ; ) It's a little on the quiet side with her gone. She sounds all grown up when she calls, even when I detect a bit of homesickness and she says "I miss you"! I can't wait to remind her in a few weeks that she missed me - ha ha! Oh, to have growing teenagers. Life is good!