Saturday, June 14, 2008

Trusting in the Lord

Tomorrow we are taking Rachel to a 2-week summer dance intensive. She is excited but at the same time, a bit nervous about being gone for 2 weeks and not knowing any of the other girls, yet. This is an awesome opportunity for her to grow and mature in her dancing as well as in life in general. I am placing my trust in the Lord to watch over and protect her while she is there and to help us both with the feelings we are having about our separation. We both know this is a good thing but it will be hard to leave my "baby" on campus for 2 weeks. I haven't ever been away from her for this long. While I am sad about her being gone, I am also planning constructive ways to spend my alone time. I am planning to practice some more of the organizing skills I learned at Mom's RENEW last month : ) I want to give my house a really good deep cleaning in places I didn't get to before graduation company came. (I would really love to get some paint and cover up my paneled walls but I think that may be a bit too ambitious for right now.) I want to take time to read a book - that's one thing that has been hard since going through chemotherapy - I can't concentrate like I once did. I tend to pick up a book, read a little bit, then put it down, and never finish it. I bought a neat Bible study book on character for Rachel and I to use for next school year and I want to look through it some more. I also have a writing instruction book I bought and hope to look through it more in depth so I will be familiar with it when it is time to write some lesson plans for fall.

As this week comes to a close, I am thankful that my two recent doctor appointments have been good and had good results. I don't have to see another doctor until the end of summer, after I get to spend a week with my sisters in North Carolina!!!! I am also thankful for Rachel's experience at church camp last weekend. She had a great time with her friends but most importantly she had a life changing experience with God! The theme of camp was "Breaking Rank" and as she says - "I broke rank".