Friday, August 15, 2008


Allan's first semester of college begins a week from Monday. In preparation, I took him to buy books yesterday. Can you say "OUCH"! 6 courses, 16 hours, $575 worth of USED books. Now we just have to pay the rest of his fees and tuition that aren't covered by his scholarship. I know, I better get used to it. This is just the beginning of the next 4 years. And then it will be Rachel's turn so it's really just the beginning of the next 8 years. I'm just glad they aren't going to be in college at the same time!!

School starts for Rachel on Monday. 9th grade and classes like Spanish, World Geography, Algebra I, English & Literature, Home Economics, and Physical Science. We are trying a new Algebra program and I hope it will be really good for her. The beginning of high school for her. I feel kind of like it's the beginning of the end for me. The transition to only one child at home (well in school at home - Allan is still living at home), and the last time I will use these books with my child. I can't imagine what it will feel like when she is a senior and then she is the one starting college. I don't really think I even want to go there right now!!

The house has been quiet for the past two weeks. Allan works in the morning until early afternoon or sometimes, like today, late afternoon. Rachel has been at ballet for the past two weeks; this week from 9:30 a.m. until 7:15 p.m. Next week might be hard to get back into a school routine but I am looking forward to it. It's always good to get back on a schedule. It keeps me a bit more accountable for my time and takes lots more planning to get it all done. I have a menu planned through the end of next week but need to work on the following week and into September. During the school year it takes some planning to get meals on the table because we are all home at different times. Eating out is such a budget breaker and we need to keep it to a bare minimum this year. I'm looking for quick meals for those days when time is at a premium and also for meals that reheat well. Some days it's easier if I cook our main meal at lunch time but it needs to be something that is good reheated for those who aren't home at lunch.

I'm heading out to dinner with my hubby - yeah for a date night!