Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Traveling Sisters

My life has been blessed with a brother and two sisters. I am #2, the middle girl. As kids we weren't always appreciative of one another and weren't always close, but as adults we have all become very close to one another. We grew up in Louisiana but have since scattered across the south to Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, and North Carolina. We learned that as you have children it is harder to get together but my sisters and I (and sometimes brother and sil) have tried to get together at least once a year for the past five or six years. We call it our "sister's trip". The older two of us have older children but the younger two have young children and babies. Makes it lots of fun!! The first sister trip was with no kids and we had tons of fun in Myrtle Beach. The subsequent trips have been to NC, TX, and LA to one of our homes and included some or all of our children. Sometimes we drive, sometimes we fly (seems there's always an adventure getting there). This year we found really great airfare so we got to fly - and we made it with no delays and no lost luggage, no extraordinary adventures. We love just being together and hanging out, spoiling each others children, and getting to know them better. Last week was our most recent sister trip to NC. We helped our 5 year old niece, Emily, celebrate her birthday and that was lots of fun. She had a big party with a backyard water slide, lunch and a mermaid cake made by her creative mommy. Her baby sister Brooke, 21 mos., was so much fun! She had grown up a lot since we saw her last summer. Rachel got lots of experience taking care of the girls and hopes to use some of that experience babysitting. Shopping in NC is always a treat with it's wide variety of stores all very close to Wendy's house, so we engaged in a little "retail therapy" while there. Nancy, Wendy and I went to see Mama Mia and had fun laughing at all the music we remembered (well Nancy and I did - Wendy is the baby and that music was before her time!!). The week was over all too quickly, but we were so thankful we had the opportunity once again to be together and share lots of love and laughter. We leave one another, usually in tears, planning our next rendezvous, always thankful for the time we have shared together, always thankful that we are sisters and that we have an unfailing love for one another. To my sisters - thank you for the memories and most of all, thank you for your laughter and love. Until next time, I love you!