Monday, October 6, 2008

A Beautiful Day!

Yesterday was a beautiful day! Robert had to drive over to Camp Orr yesterday to complete some training for climbing and rappelling for Boy Scouts. The original training weekend was last month but they were unable to complete the training because of bad weather with hurricane Ike. They left early so as to not get flooded in by a low water bridge at the camp. We saw damage yesterday that Ike left in his wake - they had to cut 7 trees that fell on the road leading out of camp - if you have never been to Camp Orr, let's just say, it's an adventure getting there!! If you haven't been to Camp Orr but have been to Kyle's Landing on the Buffalo River, you would understand - Camp Orr turns off of the road to Kyle's Landing. To say the rocky road is steep and winding as it makes it's way to the valley floor would almost be an understatement.

I decided to ride along yesterday so Robert wouldn't have to make the trip by himself. I knew it would be a long day for him as it's about a 3+ hours drive from home. This is also one of our busiest times of year and our time together is at a premium. Now, for those of you who don't know me well, I am NOT an early morning person. To ride along, meant a 4:45 a.m. alarm, being on the road by 5:30. But I was determined to go! I had never been to Camp Orr and was looking forward to seeing where "my guys" have spent some summers and weekends Boy Scout camping. I love the Buffalo River area and knew the camp was on the river and would be beautiful. It was tempting to stay home and go to church, spend the afternoon working on laundry, sewing some baby gifts, and cleaning (I know Sunday should be a day of rest but it isn't always around here!!). I am so glad I didn't stay home.

Here are some reasons why:

A beautiful sunrise (my picture doesn't do it justice)

I got to spend some quiet time alone at this outdoor chapel with an awesome view of God's wonderful creation. There's nothing like quiet time in a place like this, no distractions other than pure beauty.

This is another view from the chapel area. It was so quiet and peaceful here. The trees are just beginning to show some color. The birds were soaring in the thermals.

Twin Falls. A short hike near the entrance to Camp Orr. I heard this is one of the most photographed places in Arkansas.
An elk in Boxley Valley. Robert saw a herd of about 50 when he drove through the area last month. We didn't see that many but there were probably about a dozen or so in this field. They were a little hard to see but Robert stood on top of the truck to get a good picture. This was on our way home. There were a few people stopped watching for them. Early in the morning there were LOTS of people watching for them but it was quite foggy so they probably had to wait a bit for the fog to lift.
The entrance to Camp Orr with the fog lifting.

Robert training for "Weekend on Ropes". Yesterday they practiced rescues at the tower, then they hiked to Copperhead Cave (what a name - and NO - I didn't go along - just the name will keep me away from there - lol!) to practice rappelling down into the cave. I watched them at the tower then went exploring while they went to the cave. I don't particularly like caves - something about being surrounded by darkness and not knowing what's in there just gives me the willies.
I went exploring at the "swimming hole" at Camp Orr. This is the Buffalo National River - absolutely beautiful river. We love to canoe there although I haven't gotten to go for a few years. Maybe next year!
Just playing with the camera shooting some leaves that had fallen in the river.
We made it home about 8:30 last night. We had dinner at the Pizza Hut in Clarksville which reminded me of our dating and early married days when we had Pizza Hut pizza a lot because there weren't many choices in the town where we lived. As if my day hadn't been blessed enough, I walked in the door and immediately noticed that my kiddos had done some cleaning and laundry when they got home from church yesterday! This blessed me beyond measure because they had no idea how much I had struggled with the decision to be gone for the day, knowing that there were many things at home that really needed my attention. I believe the Lord knew I needed the day away and took care of the rest for me! It was a day that was good for the soul.


Jennifer said...

I'm so glad you had such a wonderful day away! Isn't it neat when God blesses us with one of those "in the midst of it all?"

Love your photos of the Buffalo...makes me want to go back. We haven't been since we used to go with my dad...this reminds me that we need to take our kids!