Friday, October 31, 2008


Ever had one of those weeks when you were glad it was over? This week fits that category. I'm glad it's Friday and we get to start Monday with a fresh slate!! I had such big plans for this week, too. Rachel had fallen a little behind on some of her schoolwork. Not bad. Just enough that I had hoped to get her back up where she needed to be in those few subjects. Last Friday, she started showing signs of not feeling well. By Sunday afternoon, she was on the couch and sleeping a lot. She is finally feeling somewhat better today. It's been a long week. School has happened every day except Tuesday, which was her worst day. But, no catching up as hoped. So, we started out with a sick child. Then, we had to have our dog put to sleep Monday afternoon. She'd been a part of our family for almost 10 years. Lots of sadness, yet relief that she was no longer suffering. Yesterday was a crazy day with lots of running around town and lots of time waiting around during some tests I was having. The good part was - I checked out a book at the FBC library and got lots of reading done during my waiting time. In fact, by bedtime last night, I had finished my book!! Now, I can't wait to return the book and get another by the same author (Terri Blackstock). I am glad that next week is a new week, and I hope and pray that we will accomplish much to make up for this week. Robert will be on vacation and it will be nice to have him around during the day. We have some projects that need to be tackled too - hope we get them done!!