Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Road Trip

We came from Arkansas, Louisiana, and North Carolina. Some by car, others by plane, didn't matter; the destination was the same: Texas! Rachel and I had a wonderful trip to Dallas to visit my brother and his family. We set out early Friday morning, stopped in Sherman, TX for lunch and then headed on to Rob's. We made it there just in time to go with Sharon, Sophie, Wendy, Emily, and Sophie's GiGi (Sharon's mom, Jean) to have Sophie and Emily's pictures taken at the Pumpkin Patch. Oh, what fun to watch those girls at the Pumpkin Patch. They were adorable for the photographer and oh, so patient while she took photos of the girls together as well as separately. When the pictures were finished, the girls were off to the bounce houses, and inflatable slides. After the inflatables, they rode a barrel train, ferris wheel and a live pony! What fun for two little city girls. When the girls were worn out, we headed back to Rob and Sharon's to wait for the rest of the family to arrive from Louisiana. I took on the task of providing dinner for Friday night - making ahead and freezing lasagna and manicotti to bake there. We had a nice dinner of lasagna, manicotti, salad, and some wonderful bread from the bakery at Tom Thumb. We spent Friday night catching up and watching the little girls play.

Saturday morning we all headed out for Sharon's baby shower. Her friends gave her a very nice shower/brunch. Lots of good food, fun games, and lots and lots of gifts for baby boy!! After the shower I wanted to take Rachel to one of her favorite stores that we don't have at home, Delia's, so we headed to Southlake for a quick shopping trip. She found some jeans and a couple of other items on sale which was great. Wendy took on the task of Saturday night dinner and made one of our old family favorites from growing up, Chicken Enchilada casserole, with salad and bread. We finished the night with lots of visiting.

Sunday we enjoyed spending some time outside playing with the girls before it was time to leave. It had been such a wonderful weekend, great family time, beautiful weather, lots of love; it was hard to say goodbye. It is pretty rare for all of my siblings and my mom to all be together in one place so we try to savor the moments when we can. Rob and Sharon were real troopers to have us all stay at their house!! We offered to stay in a hotel but Sharon wanted one big sleepover, so one big sleepover she got! There were eleven of us for the weekend. I'm pretty sure we'll all be making our way back to their house when baby boy arrives but we'll be kind and not all show up at once!!!

Here are a few pictures from our weekend together:

Nancy, Wendy, Jody, Rob, Mom

Pumpkin Patch fun!

The baby shower